Security Bank & Trust Co.


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About Security Bank & Trust Co.

Security Bank & Trust Co. was first organized and chartered to commence business on October 10, 1935 as Security State Bank of Glencoe by A.W. Hoese. The bank purchased the building formerly owned by the Bank of Glencoe to start its operation. The first employees were A. W. Hoese, President; Frank Heaney, Cashier; Howard Hoese, Bookeeper; and Dorothy Heaney, Stenographer.

Over the years, the bank expanded into the adjacent Gaines store in Glencoe and furthermore into neighboring communities throughout McLeod, Carver, and Sibley counties. Today, we still operate out of our first location in Glencoe, but we have also added twelve more to provide 13 convenient locations across our eleven communities. We’ve grown because our customers have trusted us – with their business, their farms, their savings, their retirements, and their everyday banking needs. We are forever grateful that we have grown along side our customers’ successes… Continue reading about    Security Bank & Trust Co. here


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