Santander Investment, S.A.


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About Santander Investment, S.A.

Santander Investment, SA (hereinafter, “the Bank”), was incorporated for an indefinite period under the name of Banco Riva y García, Sociedad Anónima on December 3, 1969, having adopted its current name in a deed granted on February 21 2006.

Its corporate purpose is to carry out all kinds of activities, operations and services of the banking business in general or that are related to them; the acquisition, possession, enjoyment, administration and disposal of transferable securities, shares or participations in companies and companies, both Spanish and foreign; and the provision of investment services and, where appropriate, complementary activities, all in accordance with current legislation. During the last two years, the Bank has mainly carried out activities related to the areas of financial advice and corporate banking. Likewise, the Bank is the head of a financial group that carries out stock market and financial services activities… Continue reading about Santander Investment, S.A. here.


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