Banco L.J. Carregosa, SA


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About Banco L.J. Carregosa, S

The name Carregosa has been associated with the financial sector for almost 200 years. Its origins date back to 1833, the year in which, on Rua das Flores, in Porto, LJ Carregosa was created to trade in foreign exchange. Throughout the 20th century, Casa Carregosa grew, innovated and developed, adapting to a modern, increasingly sophisticated and demanding world. It was in this way that, at the end of the second half of the last century, the former Casa de Câmbios became a Brokerage House, first, and a Financial Brokerage Company, later. Having reached the 21st century, the Company was prepared to take another step – that of its transformation into Banco Carregosa.

This longevity was only possible thanks to the ambition and perseverance of shareholders and managers, the dedication of employees and the loyalty and trust of customers, over successive generations… Continue reading about Banco L.J. Carregosa, SA here.


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