PARTNER BANK AG, odštěpný závod


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About PARTNER BANK AG, odštěpný závod

Founded in 1992, the Partner Bank is an Austrian bank that specialises in advising and assisting people with their financial planning, asset management and wealth-building in partnership with financial advisors. It cooperates with professional financial advisors in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. Customers can purchase securities and physical gold through Partner Bank. Both are legally separated from the Bank’s assets and are owned by the customer.

Besides custodial and securities platform services, Partner Bank also specialises in asset management for smaller investment amounts. Partner Bank has gradually expanded its portfolio solutions over the years. It began as a niche player specialising in innovative share baskets suitable as an attractive addition to a broadly diversified portfolio. It subsequently expanded its range to include funds baskets, bond baskets and physical gold. Partner Bank thus offers customers a unique opportunity to access investment solutions of private-banking quality through their financial advisor… Continue reading about PARTNER BANK AG, odštěpný závod here.


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