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About JBT Bank

When the LebaFirst Jonestown Banknon Valley was purchased in September, 1732, from the Lenape “Delaware” Indians, the land was covered by many trees. Recently I read in an article about a man who left Lebanon and hiked through the mountains, came into Jonestown where he found a long wooden bridge across the Swatara Creek. Looking into the town, he saw a few log homes and a church on the hill. When the homes were built, all that a family needed was an ax. So, there was no monetary exchange of goods, it was all barter.

By 1792, a mint and standard coins was passed and in 1861 Congress passed an act to print legal tender paper money. So by 1873, our founding fathers organized the Jonestown Bank. It was chartered as a state bank May 17, 1873. A new charter enabled the bank to do fiduciary business and changed the name to the Jonestown Bank and Trust Company, issued May 10, 1928… Continue reading about JBT Bank here

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