Girard National Bank


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About Girard National Bank

The Girard National Bank was started February 25, 1918, by a group of local farmers and miners under the name of “The Farmer’s and Miner’s State Bank” on the northwest corner of the Girard square. The location of the bank’s main office has remained the same over the past 100 years. The Farmer’s and Miner’s State Bank was the fourth bank to open in Girard, preceded by Crawford County State Bank, The State Bank of Girard, and The First National Bank of Girard.

Earl Schifferdecker began working as a bookkeeper at The Farmer’s and Miner’s State Bank in 1923, after graduating from Pittsburg Business College. As the decade progressed, times grew hard for everyone, including those in the banking industry. In the midst of the Great Depression, Earl gained permission from then bank president Ed C. Strickler to go through the application process to become a national bank, which would gain the small bank access to the Federal Reserve System and a greater chance of survival…  Continue reading about Girard National Bank here


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