Montepio Investimento, SA


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About Montepio Investimento, SA

We go back to 1844, to the origins of Banco Montepio, and we rediscover sustainability, which is intrinsic to it.

If, for many, talking about sustainability is a novelty, a trend or an imperative nowadays, for Banco Montepio it is a natural topic and a concern from the beginning.

Its creation and existence are inextricably linked to mutualism, an intellectual legacy of ‘mutual aid’, solidarity, and social transformation. The Bank intrinsically has the mission of a savings bank, as an instrument of savings and support for the social sector.

The purpose goes far beyond numbers and the guarantee of individual benefits for each citizen and is alive as it has for 177 years, based on the strength of a historic institution, aware of its social responsibility towards the collective… Continue reading about Montepio Investimento, SA here.


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