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About FIL Fondsbank GmbH

FFB is one of the largest independent fund platforms in Germany. As a modern fund bank, we support independent financial advisors and private customers with attractive solutions to help them achieve their wealth goals. Institutional customers such as banks and insurance companies also rely on our efficient services. More than 10,000 funds and 1,000 ETFs from over 220 domestic and foreign providers are available for this purpose. Flexible technical solutions complete our offer. FFB is part of Fidelity International, an owner-managed fund company and looks after assets of 32.6 billion euros in around 650,000 customer accounts.

With the FFB portfolio solutions, we create the basis for structured support for customer portfolios. Through the simple administration and the implementation of various service packages, we also support the implementation of individual business and price models… Continue reading about FIL Fondsbank GmbH here.


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