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About Bankhaus J. Faißt oHG

First bank founded in Wolfach

At the end of the 19th century, Wolfach as an official city was not only an administrative and cultural center. Growing trade, craft, trade and, above all, industry developed so significantly in the 1980s that the call for a bank in Wolfach became topical.

The Wolfach Chronicle writes about the first bank establishment in 1894:

A Mr. Bruno Burger founded a branch of the then Ortenauer-Kredit-Bank in Wolfach, headquartered in Offenburg. In 1899 this branch was incorporated into the B. Burger & Cie. converted. Mr Burger, the first private banker in Wolfach, was a general partner; the limited partnership capital was in the hands of Rheinische Kreditbank in Karlsruhe. The new burger banking business developed rapidly; two to three employees were soon part of the staff. As a result of Mr. Burger’s death towards the end of 1915, the banking business was liquidated in 1916. The founder of our company, Mr. Johannes Faisst, completed an apprenticeship in this bank between 1908 and 1910… Continue reading about Bankhaus J. Faißt oHG here.


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