Bank of Cushing (Blue Sky Bank)


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In 2018, Blue Sky Bank purchased Bank of Cushing, now a branch of Blue Sky Bank, Pawhuska. This acquisition added two branches to the Blue Sky Bank family.

About Bank of Cushing

The Bank of Cushing was the first bank established in Cushing, and is the only original locally owned bank that still serves the community today.  Cushing is now known as the “Pipeline Crossroad Center of the World,” but “Cotton was King” when the Bank of Cushing was established in 1897.  Farmers traveled many miles to bring their wagonloads of cotton to Cushing for storage and processing.  The train was an important asset to Cushing in those days, and when the depot was built the bank felt that they could be more accessible to their customers by moving to the downtown area.  A new stone building was constructed on the corner of Cleveland and Broadway, a ½-mile from the depot.  As the town grew so did Bank of Cushing.  In 1907, the bank consolidated with another small, community bank to become Farmer’s State Bank.   In 1912, oil was discovered in a field just north of Cushing and seemingly, overnight the town became one of many Oklahoma “Oil Boom” areas.  Oil replaced cotton as the major industry.  In 1913, the bank nationalized to become the Farmer’s National Bank. By 1917, the young and enterprising Stephen A. Bryant, Tom J. Hughes, and R.C. Jones purchased the principal stock of the Farmer’s National Bank. ….. Continue reading about Bank of Cushing (Blue Sky Bank) here.


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