Banco di Credito P.azzoaglio – S.p.a.


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About Banco di Credito P.azzoaglio – S.p.a.

We are a private and independent bank, born from a family history and always linked to the values ​​of its territory.

We have grown over time thanks to the trust of those who believed in us, creating a set of constantly evolving services and opportunities, to anticipate the needs of individuals, families, companies and investors every day.

The beginning of our history dates back to the period of the great migration of Italians to the United States. The Cebani, as the inhabitants of Ceva are called, were almost all expatriates towards the California sun and at that time the bank remittances were made on Banco Azzoaglio.

Founded in 1879 by Paolo Azzoaglio, merchant, landowner and real estate, the bank remained linked only to the territory of Ceva until the 1960s… Continue reading about Banco di Credito P.azzoaglio – S.p.a. here.


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