Addiko Bank d.d.


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About Addiko Bank d.d.

Addiko banka is a young but recognizable brand on the Slovenian and foreign banking markets

We are oriented towards new values: we focus on the essence, ensure efficiency and emphasize simplicity.

We’d rather do a few things well than a lot of things well. That is why we do not offer everything, but only those services that bring greater added value to customers.

We are efficient and focus our energy on solving ambiguities and shortening queues. We do not burden customers with matters that are not important.

We communicate easily and directly. Our services are clear and understandable. This brings concrete advantages to our customers: quality instead of quantity, easier financial decision-making, secure service and a dedicated bank on their side… Continue reading about Addiko Bank d.d. here.


Go directly to Addiko Bank d.d. online banking.

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