Institutional Venture Partners


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About Institutional Venture Partners

IVP is a hard-working team serving as trusted allies to technology executives. Growth is our doctrine – we truly believe it’s the key catalyst that separates the ultimate winners from the rest of the pack.

We know that it takes persistence, experience, vision, and agility to achieve true greatness. Our firm works hard to help CEOs mitigate the daunting challenges that inevitably appear during the rapid growth phases of a company’s life. Our proven system bolsters functions including those that are sometimes overlooked and most of all, our partners serve as trusted allies to companies seeking to realize their full potential.

IVP was one of the first venture capital firms on Sand Hill Road. IVP was founded by Reid Dennis in 1980, and Reid put IVP on the map with a $22 million venture capital fund. Over forty years later, the firm continues to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to create market leaders for the future… Continue reading about Institutional Venture Partners here.


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