Arowana Growth Fund


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About Arowana Growth Fund

Established in 2007, Arowana has grown from its Australian roots into a global B Corporation with operating companies and investments in electric vehicles, renewable energy, vocational and professional education, technology and software, venture capital, and impact asset management.

At its inception, Arowana operated as a Sydney-based specialist fund manager focussed on Australasian investments. Since then, Arowana’s strategy and model has evolved into a unique global enterprise that directly owns and operates listed and unlisted enterprises, as well as having investments in specific sectors around the world. Today, we have offices in London, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Manila, Brisbane, and Sydney.

With decades of experience as both an investor and operator in diverse fields ranging from enterprise software, education, media and training, road infrastructure services, solar development, and critical power services, Arowana formulated and executed on a strategy to build a differentiated firm that focussed on applying a combination of operational, technological, and financial skills to scale up companies in an entrepreneurial manner. As a result, the Arowana team today has an uncommon blend of cross-functional skills across operations, technology, and investment… Continue reading about Arowana Growth Fund here.


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