Ljubljana Stock Exchange


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About Ljubljana Stock Exchange

As early as 1922, businessmen gathered around the industrialist Dragotin Hribar (founder and first president of the old stock exchange), who sought to establish another stock exchange in addition to Zagreb. He chose Ljubljana as the seat of the stock exchange. In the same year, the competent minister approved the establishment of a market for trade in goods and securities in Ljubljana; however, it did not allow foreign exchange trading. It was not until August 6, 1923, that efforts to raise awareness of the need for the stock market paid off. Dragotin Hribar convened the first general meeting of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange that day; it took place in today’s Philharmonic at Kongresni trg in Ljubljana. The stock exchange officially began operations only after lengthy preparations, on August 16, 1924, and the first trading transactions were made two days later. Initially, trading was only in securities and commodities (mostly timber and cereals), three years later, foreign exchange trading was also allowed… Continue reading about Ljubljana Stock Exchange here.

Website: www.ljse.si


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