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About Digital Check

The Digital Check story started in 1959, when a paper broker named Tom Anderson Sr. saw the way companies were storing important data on microfilm, and thought he had a better idea. Paper brokers – agents who helped paper mills find buyers for their products – had all kinds of different clients, and one day at a convention, a rival broker bragged that the 3M Company was using his paper for storing microfilm.

At that time, microfilm was stored using aperture cards – paper cards with space on one side for punch codes to be used in computer sorting, and an opening on the other side for the microfilm itself. But the early cards were simply paper with a hole cut out, leaving the microfilm unprotected and frequently damaged. Anderson saw a pack of cigarettes laying on the table, took off the cellophane wrapper, and used it to cover up the microfilm opening… Continue reading about Digital Check here


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