Orange Bank (France)


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About Orange Bank

We are convinced that individuals are capable of managing their own money.

For a traditional banker, it is normal to think that individuals do not have the capacity or the maturity to manage their money. They think that this subject is too serious a matter to be entrusted to ordinary mortals and that they are the only ones able to deal with it.

The banking industry as a whole has therefore made money sacred, established a balance of power in its favor and made this institution inaccessible, arrogant, elitist, cold, all-powerful, even disdainful.

It is this posture that has become so unbearable for us.

We think it’s time to revolutionize the world of banking, to help people regain power, to break the balance of power and to radically change the relationship to banking. This change will de facto change everyone’s relationship to money in order to bring it a new dimension. We can help restore a simpler and more legitimate place for money.

It is the means to live certain experiences and it is not an end in itself… Continue reading about Orange Bank here.


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