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About Cuenca

We are the ones who equalize financial services. What only they have, today we all have. We are the ones who want everything. We are the one who is next to you, the one who delivers your food, embroiders dreams and composes songs. We are the engineer and the lawyer. We are Silvia, Keryc, Erika, Gabriela, we are Matin and we are all of us. We are very easy account to open. We are the migrant who walked a long path to find another place in the world. We are the woman who gets up every day at dawn, we are the student who wakes up to do her homework. We are the young, the older adult. We are all and we are one. We believe in everyone’s dreams, in a future where we are all inside, in the present that we all do. We are Cuenca, financial services for you… Continue reading about Cuenca here.


Go directly to Cuenca online banking.


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