Countingup (United Kingdom)


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About Countingup

When you’re freelancing or running your own business, bookkeeping and tax admin can be stressful and time-consuming.

Determined to solve this problem and give small business owners valuable time back to focus on what they love and do best, Tim Fouracre, former CEO of Clearbooks, founded Countingup in 2017.

Countingup is the business current account with built-in accounting software. The unique two-in-one app simplifies bookkeeping and taxes, helping small business owners and self-employed people across the UK save time and money.

The Countingup app makes it simple to keep on top of financial admin, with live profit and loss reports, receipt capture tools, automatic expense categorisation and invoicing. Tax estimates are viewable all year, so that business owners can be confident that they’ll have no surprises.

We are determined to make running a small business easier,  giving people valuable time back to focus on what they love and do best.

With digital tax filings now live in the Countingup app, we aim to provide the all-in-one financial tool for self-employed people… Continue reading about Countingup here.


Go directly to Countingup online banking.


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