Diamond hands


What are Diamond hands?

The term “Diamond Hands” is a slang term often used in the crypto communities and investors on different social mediums. The term is an expression that implies the holding of a digital asset (or an investment asset) irrespective of short-term price changes and risks that could result in unrealized losses. When someone is referred to as diamond hands, it means that the particular investor will not engage in a panic sell-off of its investments in periods of sizable price changes.

Diamond hands may also be used when someone is holding their investments for the long-term, which is why they would disregard any sudden fluctuations in price. It should be noted that “diamond hands” is usually used when investors hold risky assets and investments. Since the investors are not prone to panic, the phrase is commonly used in a positive manner. However, it could also indicate a stubborn user who doesn’t want to sell an asset with a high probability of losing value in the long run.

The online community usually expresses the “Diamond hands” with a combination of gemstone emoji and raising hands emoji.

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