Grandhood (Denmark)


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About Grandhood

Until Grandhood was founded in 2017, the pension industry had been stuck in the past, and slowly gathering dust. Traditionally the industry has focused on developing, keeping, and creating great retirement offers for large company pensions. This meant that many Danes have been rejected by the traditional pension providers because they are employed in small companies. This has resulted in around 400,000 Danes not having a pension, and smaller companies being unable to offer their employees the security of a pension or health and accident insurance. A big disadvantage in a competitive employment market.

We are working to bring pensions to all workers. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive a pension regardless of the size of the company you are employed in. It shouldn’t be a disadvantage to live out the dream of starting your own business, and we all know the importance of having a pension, if you wish to have the same standard of living that you have enjoyed your whole working life, especially as the state pension alone is not enough to live as you’re used to… Continue reading about Grandhood here.


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