LendSecured (Latvia)


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About LendSecured

The core pillar and philosophy for us is to minimize the risks. LendSecured feels responsible for their clients and believes that if investors have trusted us with their funds, then it is our duty to offer the safest possible investment opportunities. In order to minize the risks, we publish investment projects with low LTV (Loan to Value ratio). The lower, the ratio, the lower the risk.

It all goes back to 2019, when two experienced professionals from the secured lending sector Ņikita Gončars and Edgars Tālums became aware that there is a niche in the crowdlending market, as none of the existing market players offered low-LTV investment deals.

The secured lending business under the leadership of Ņikita and Edgars had bought its strategic investors a return of over 10%… Continue reading about LendSecured here

Website: https://lendsecured.eu/


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