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Why become a contributor at

For freelancers:

By contributing to, freelancers have the opportunity to publish articles and posts to showcase their writing skills and knowledge on a specific subject. wants to reduce or eliminate the drawbacks of ghostwriting, where freelancers with a broad portfolio of completed tasks actually have a limited number of texts published under their name. Hence, now, freelancers can become regular contributors to and publish text when they want and as many texts as they want.

Newbie writers and journalists have the opportunity to present their skills while developing their writing portfolios.

For webmasters:

Webmasters have an opportunity to publish original articles and posts to promote their website or blog. allows authors to place links back to their websites, thus supporting their link building strategy.

Regular contributors are:

  • Are you eligible for future giveaways and contests
  • Are eligible to receive a certificate of contribution, a certificate for most read authors, and other certificates when certain criteria and requirements are met.
  • Are eligible to be listed in the contributors/authors section (subject to additional requirements).

Note: A regular contributor is considered an author that has published at least 5 texts in the last two months.

 Publishing guidelines:

  • Texts should be related to a finance topic, for instance, personal finance, banks, neobanks, financial education, fintech, crypto, DeFi, personal experience, financial apps, financial regulatory authorities, financial literacy, taxation, etc. (not sure if your text is adequate, contact us through our contact form).
  • The text should be original and not published elsewhere prior to publishing on;
  • Authors can submit for publishing any of the following types of texts:
    • News,
    • How to guidelines,
    • Listicles,
    • Personal experience stories,
    • Case studies,
    • Company analysis
    • Analysis of investment assets
    • Economic analysis
    • Market analysis,
    • Reports,
    • Educational texts,
    • Research,
    • Stories,
    • Tutorials
  • Texts should be at least 500 words and follow the standard structures (intro, main body, concluding remarks);
  • The text can contain a maximum of three links redirecting to the author’s blog/website, social media profile or associated institution;
  • Affiliate marketing or other types of promotional links are NOT allowed;
  • Authors acknowledge that they will not receive any remuneration for publishing their texts on
  • Texts should be written in English language and be free of grammatical errors;
  • The author takes full responsibility for any issues that may arise with the published texts or due to the published texts.
  • Texts containing or promoting illegal activities, discrimination and intolerance, racism, hate, pornography, etc., are NOT allowed.
  • Writers should acknowledge if they have a financial relationship or interest when writing about a specific company, individual, project, etc.
  • retains the right to reject submitted texts or remove published texts without any prior notice and explanation.

The steps to publishing your article are as follows:

Step 1: Register on in the Submit An Article section.

Step 2: Check your e-mail (or spam mail) for a mail with the link to setting your password.

Step 3: Log in to your account.

Step 4: Fill in the details for your article, posts, or text.

Step 5: Write your text or copy/paste in the specified field.

Step 6: Submit your text for review.

Step 7: If accepted, the text is published.

Become a Contributor today!

Join us as a contributor today – register with BankActivities and start contributing to the fastest-growing banking community!

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