The Central Bank of Eswatini


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About The Central Bank of Eswatini

On 22nd March 1974, King Sobhuza II established The Monetary Authority of Swaziland, through The Monetary Authority of Swaziland Order of 1974. On 1st April 1974, the Bank officially began its operations. His Majesty appointed Mr. Ethan Mayisela, ‘uZangashane’, as the Authority’s first Governor. The Members of the Board of Directors included: Mr. I. F. Hodgkinson, Mr. A. M. Fakudze, the Governor Mr. E. Mayisela, Mr. David Cohen, the Attorney General, Mr. Nst. Keng, Mr. J.S. Matsebula, Princess Msalela and Mr. L. Masuku.

At the very beginning, the Monetary Authority of Swaziland’s staff complement totalled 8 people. They consisted of the Governor himself, the late Esther Mazibuko who was a cleaner and tea provider, the late John Mazibuko who was in support services and still works at the Bank to this day. Fikile Dlamini (now Kunene) who was secretary to all of the Governors, an Economist called Peter Davies, the late Beauty Hlope who was an accountant and administrator and finally, Moses. V. Mabuza who was an accounts clerk. They were very small in numbers but, nevertheless, a highly efficient and productive team. As 1974 progressed, the enthusiastic Governor established more divisions and therefore employed more staff members… Continue reading about The Central Bank of Eswatini here.


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