Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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About Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

By Law No. 2,480 of August 4, 1896, the organic charter of the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay was approved, in the form of a legal entity endowed with extensive decentralization.

This bank, which was effectively constituted on August 24, 1896, included central banking functions among its powers.

By Law No. 9,496 of August 14, 1935 , an important modification was established in its legal regulation, in which the first glimpse of what would be the base of the Central Bank of Uruguay appears, since it becomes independent from the other services of the Bank., to the Issuance Department with powers of issuance and those inherent to a central bank organization (study of all issues related to the monetary system and its governance and direction, supervision and control of the provisions issued on the private banking system, national and foreign)… Continue reading about Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan here.

Website: https://www.bcu.gub.uy/


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