Bank of the Republic of Burundi


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About Bank of the Republic of Burundi

The Central Bank was created under the name of “Banque du Royaume du Burundi” by the law of April 9, 1964 following the split, caused by the Rwandan authorities at the time, of the Banque d’Emission du Rwanda and the Burundi (BERB), central bank common to these two countries since August 4, 1960. Before this last date, the role of Institute of Emission was ensured first by the Banque du Congo Belge (BCB), from 1916 to 1952, then by the Central Bank of Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi (BCCBRU).

The Bank of the Kingdom of Burundi began its activities on May 19, 1964, after the liquidation of the BERB

However, the law of April 9, 1964 bore the mark of the circumstances in which it was drawn up and passed. The country was indeed faced with the urgent need to set up a national bank responsible for ensuring without interruption the monetary functions devolved to the common bank in the process of liquidation. Also this law was quickly repealed and replaced by the law of January 21, 1965 approving the statutes of the Bank of the Kingdom of Burundi… Continue reading about Bank of the Republic of Burundi here.





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