Bank of Italy


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About Bank of Italy

The Bank of Italy is the central bank of the Italian Republic; is a public law institution, regulated by national and European laws. It is an integral part of the Eurosystem , made up of the national central banks of the euro area and the European Central Bank . The Eurosystem and the central banks of the Member States of the European Union which have not adopted the euro make up the European System of Central Banks.

It pursues objectives of general interest in the monetary and financial sector: the maintenance of price stability, the main objective of the Eurosystem in accordance with the  Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union ; the stability and efficiency of the financial system, in implementation of the principle of protection of savings enshrined in the  Constitution  (Article 47 – The Republic encourages and protects savings in all its forms; regulates, coordinates and controls the exercise of credit), and the other tasks entrusted to it by national law… Continue reading about Bank of Italy here.



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