Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut Stade


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About Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut Stade

In 1826 King George IV of Great Britain and Hanover granted the knighthood of the Duchy of Bremen permission to set up a credit association. The association has become an institute, the purpose of which was initially to give manorial property owners – a short time later also free farmers – long-term loans on favorable terms and to support them in repaying the loans.

This honorable request obliges and characterizes the philosophy of our small credit institute to this day. The procurement of a cheap real loan for our customers from agriculture and forestry takes into account the original goal of promoting rural structures. This funding mandate was laid down in the statutes of the Knighthood Credit Institute when it was founded in 1826. We are proud to have been the first point of contact since then as independent specialists with public law status for financing in agriculture and forestry.

We have also been recommending ourselves as a reliable partner for building finance and municipal loans since 1970.

The RKI Stade is affiliated with the compensation scheme of German banks and the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of Public Banks in Germany… Continue reading about Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut Stade here.

Website: https://www.rki-stade.de/

Go directly to Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut Stade online banking.

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