Hebron Savings Bank


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About Hebron Savings Bank

Hebron Savings Bank began business in 1910 in a room, which was also used to store salt. One hundred pound bags of salt, used for hog killing, were stored in the room. Lots of times, the salt would spill out from the sacks particularly during damp weather as the sacks burst from the moisture. So, it is only natural that its origin provides such quips as “the Bank’s been salting it away ever since.”

The Bank was organized by the late George C. (Boss) Bounds of Hebron and A. W. Sisk of Preston to serve the financial needs of the business and farming community in the Hebron area.

The Bank has grown tremendously from its initial investment of $25,000 in 1910. We have survived the Great Depression, two world wars, banking de-regulation, Y2K, the Great Recession, and increased competition from both bank and nonbank competitors, such as brokers and credit unions. Continue reading about Hebron Savings Bank here.

Website: https://www.hebronsavingsbank.com/

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