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About Gonet & Cie SA

The roots of Gonet go back more than 175 years. The same entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity and devotion to the client have passed down unchanged through five generations of a single banking family, resulting in a bank that is unlike any of its peers or competitors.

In the final years of the fourteenth century, the citadel of Rue, situated on the border of the Pays de Vaud and Fribourg, then a province of the Habsburg empire, was ruled by the counts of Savoy. Following the conquest of Vaud by Pierre II of Savoy, the Savoyards installed châtelains, or provincial administrators, throughout the new lands to oversee their management. They built a basic administrative system, staffed by clerks and bailiffs.

In 1394, Guillhelmus Gonelli was clerk of Rue Castle. Respected for his competence, he was appointed notary a year later. He seems to have put this promotion to good use, as in 1396 he was named domicellus, the officer responsible for the everyday administration of the castle. Nicodus and Franciscus, his descendants, took over the same position.

Thus came the first representatives of the family recorded under the French name, Gonet in historical sources, at the time of the Protestant Reformation… Continue reading about Gonet & Cie SA here.

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