Cooperative Bank of Epirus Ltd


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About Cooperative Bank of Epirus Ltd

The Cooperative Bank was initially established and operated in the city of Ioannina under the name “Development Credit Cooperative of the Prefecture of Ioannina O STOCHOS – SYNPE.” ES No. 33048 / 12.12.1978 decision of the Prefect of Ioannina, in accordance with the provisions of Law 602/1914 on cooperatives as they came into force after the relevant amendments and additions to the provisions of Law 3200/1965 on Administrative Decentralization and Laws 5289 / 31 and 6070/34.

The initiative for the establishment of the Credit Cooperative was started by people of the Chamber of Ioannina with the participation of businessmen from our local community.

The participation of the Chamber and the local business world gave the new Credit Cooperative the necessary trust which is a necessary condition for developing a FAITH initiative in a local community… Continue reading about Cooperative Bank of Epirus Ltd here.


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