Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne SC


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About Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne SC

Founded on November 12, 1837 by a few Aubonnais notables with a view to offering safe banking services to the good people of the region, the Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne has striven throughout its existence to preserve the spirit of its origins.

From our precursors, we have retained great caution, respect for the hard-earned money that people from all walks of life come to deposit so that they grow in safety. We have also maintained the same desire to contribute, with the money thus entrusted, to the development and prosperity of our region… Continue reading about Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne SC here.


Go directly to Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne SC online banking.

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