Banka CREDITAS a.s.


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About Banka CREDITAS a.s.

CREDITAS has been operating on the financial market for more than twenty years, from 2017 the largest Czech bank became a bank. We are a Czech bank that has long focused on providing payment services, valuing savings and offering investments, and the provision of mortgage loans is also a priority. In the field of corporate banking, we specialize in financing Czech companies and we also offer some of the most advantageous foreign exchange conversions on the market.

In technology and direct banking, the bank is one of the leaders in the Czech market. In January 2018, CREDITAS Bank was the first bank on the Czech market to allow clients so-called open banking, ie servicing a bank account maintained at another bank in its internet banking. Currently, more than 20 Czech and Slovak banks are connected in its internet banking… Continue reading about Banka CREDITAS a.s. here.


Go directly to Banka CREDITAS a.s. online banking.

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