Constant Innovation


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About Constant Innovation

We are experienced entrepreneurs and executives who are passionate about backing inspiring entrepreneurs. We work with our entrepreneurs to help them build great companies.

We have started, operated and exited from successful technology businesses. We have internet, software, sales and financial backgrounds and experience across various areas, such as web services, brand growth, retail marketing, information technology, business structure and operational management.

Two of the most prominent examples of our technology businesses are Pentana Solutions Pty Ltd and Ltd (ASX:CAR).

Pentana Solutions is a diversified ICT company offering dealership retail and distribution solutions; a suite of CRM tools; full electronic document management; networking; cloud; business intelligence and eCommerce tools. Pentana Solutions employs a team of over 530 and invests over $14M annually in R&D. It has experienced double digit growth, carried out six acquisitions in recent times, enjoyed organic growth and launched 10 new start-up businesses in the automotive niche. Pentana Solutions today calls over 65% of the automotive systems market in Australia its customers and is rapidly growing that percentage internationally; and is currently working at adding new innovations to the array of products offered to its auto audience. Pentana Solutions enjoys customer reach to 128 countries and is represented by 14 offices around the world… Continue reading about Constant Innovation here.


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