Macedonian Stock Exchange


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About Macedonian Stock Exchange

1995 – The story of the Macedonian Stock-Exchange began in 1995. On September 13th the Inaugural Meeting of the Macedonian Stock Exchange took place. This is the official date of the establishment of the first organized securities exchange in the history of the Republic of Macedonia considering that the country had never before had a stock exchange. The Exchange was established as a joint stock company operat­ing on a non-profit basis, with a founding capital of one million deutschmarks. The total number of the initial founders of the Macedonian Stock Exchange was 19 (13 banks, 3 insur­ance companies and 3 saving houses). These founders simultaneously became first Exchange members with right to trade in securities.

1996  – The Exchange’s birthday is connected with the date of 28th March 1996, when the Exchange bell rang for the first time. Thus the official beginning of the trading was an­nounced. The modest amount of transactions of the first day of trading did not reduce the feeling that with this act a new Macedonian economic history was being cre­ated. In the beginning the Exchange was open for trading twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The conclusion of transactions was carried out on the “stock exchange floor” in the trading hall through the method of continuous auction and the model of “order-driven market”. On October 16th 1996 the Macedonian Stock-Exchange was accepted as a full mem­ber of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS)… Continue reading about Macedonian Stock Exchange here.



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