SecureSave, a US-based emergency savings fintech platform, raises $11 million in a strategic funding round


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By Zoran Temelkov June, 2022

SecureSave, an emergency saving platform based in Kirkland, Washington, has secured $11 million through a strategic funding round led by Truist Ventures. The round was also supported by the company’s existing major investors Stearns Financial Services Inc., and the crypto platform FTX.

The fintech startup has raised a total of $14.7 million in funding to date following the latest round and its initial seed round in early 2021.

SecureSave was launched in 2020, and it is a platform focused on developing emergency savings programs product. The saving platform offers an employer-backed savings account that enables employers to provide emergency savings for their employees through employer matching.

Insufficient levels of funds in a savings account and emergency savings have been identified as a significant problem for Americans. Hence, SecureSave is focused on reinventing emergency savings products and improving the savings level of employees.

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