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About Qube Money

Poor financial health is crushing the world. As a financial health coach, Ryan Clark watched people he cared for repeatedly fall into poor money habits. Ryan became frustrated with the existing budgeting apps, debt reduction tools, and saving programs. NONE of them addressed the root cause of the problem—spending.

In 2015, Ryan worked with a couple making over $250,000 a year. They lived paycheck-to-paycheck. They had the latest toys, the best box office tickets, and a beautiful home, but nothing for retirement. They asked Ryan to help them make the next ten years different than the last ten years.

Ryan spent hours putting together a spending plan to help them transform their financial situation. Despite his efforts, within three months, they had fallen off the program. Within one year, this couple divorced. The separation weighed heavily on Ryan because his parents were divorced primarily because of financial stress… Continue reading about Qube Money here.


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