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The world as we know it was beginning to take shape in 1921.

The Great War brought down the monarchies that had ruled Europe since Charlemagne. A reconnecting global economy was igniting the Roaring ’20s, with its vast wealth and deep inequities. The urban population of the U.S. outnumbered the rural for the first time, and the great migration from the South was setting off an American cultural revolution.

The automobile was now a familiar sight on American streets, jazz was played in cafes, baseball was becoming the national pastime, and pizzerias were serving an Italian specialty soon to be an American staple.

Recently minted companies like Eastman Chemical, International Telephone & Telegraph, American International Group, Halliburton, Wright Aeronautical, Dell Publishing, and Goldwyn Pictures signaled the arrival of industries that would dominate the global economy into the 21st century. Oil was starting its rise as the world’s power source, led by the spawn of Standard Oil’s breakup – Chevron, Mobil, and Exxon… Continue reading about Barron’s here.


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