18th Annual Global Microfinance Forum


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18th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

Organizer: Uniglobal Events

Date: 16-17 March 2023

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Event link: 18th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

About the event

The current post-pandemic economic environment has significantly changed  the microfinance sector: MFIs’ operations, portfolio, and liquidity, as well as ways of cooperation and information exchange with the other microfinance stakeholders. Many financial markets see the changing value of the local currencies, prices for goods and services, and costs of hedging, and decreasing opportunities of attracting the new investments. In addition, a slowdown in the real economy makes the clients of MFIs even more vulnerable, hence it requires the respective transformation of existing systems, policies, and approaches.

Uniglobal’s 18th Annual Global Microfinance Forum will cover a range of topics that make this forum appealing to MFIs, investors, and other industry players from all over the world. It will bring on board a solid network of professionals and senior-level experts who will share their experiences and views on the current sector challenges and opportunities, as well as expectations and predictions about future trends in microfinance. During multiple sessions, the participants will discuss how MFIs adapt to and run in the new reality, current complications for microclients, the specificity of moratoriums on debt repayments, the rising importance of digital transformation and many other important topics.

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