National Bank of Georgia


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About National Bank of Georgia

The National Bank of Georgia is the Central Bank of Georgia and its status is determined by the country’s constitution. The main goal of the National Bank’s activity is to ensure price stability.

The first Central Bank of Georgia was established in 1919 and has existed since 1991 as an independent Central Bank of Georgia.

The National Bank of Georgia, according to the Constitution of Georgia, is independent in its activities and representatives of the legislative and executive authorities have no right to interfere in its activities. The rights and duties of the National Bank of Georgia as the country’s central bank, the manner of operation and the guarantee of independence are determined by the Organic Law of Georgia “About the National Bank of Georgia”.

The National Bank of Georgia implements monetary policy in accordance with the main directions of the monetary and credit and currency policy determined by the Parliament of Georgia. It owns, manages and disposes of the country’s official international reserves. The National Bank of Georgia is responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of the main functions and goals assigned to it by the legislation with the regulatory and monetary instruments at its disposal… Continue reading about National Bank of Georgia here.



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