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The First National Bank was chartered in 1904. Officers of the bank were H.A. Olerich, M.L. Honke, E.R. Johnson, Emil Statsman, and J.A. McLaughlin. In 1944 the bank was changed from a National Bank to a state chartered bank and the name changed to Butte State Bank. The shareholders at the time of the charter change were: A.P. Anderson, R.W. Dickerson, W.W. Mahannah, W.L. Brennan, L.F. Reiman, Gustave Kehn, W.K. Witla, E.J. Statsman, and C.J. Tomek. In 1963 the bank was purchased by Joe G. Brewster. After the purchase Dennis Brewster moved to Butte to manage the bank. At that time the staff consisted of.….. Continue reading about Butte State Bank here.


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