4 personal finance apps you should have on your phone


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During the last couple of years, we have witnessed an increase in financial awareness. Namely, people are becoming more responsible with their finances. The augmented popularity of responsible financing is additionally amplified with the support of technological innovations and the widespread use of technology. Consequently, there are numerous apps available nowadays for the purpose of better managing your money. We should make numerous decisions regarding our saving and spending activities. These apps enable you to make better budgeting decisions, support your saving habits, and offer the possibility for investment, as well as many other possibilities. It could be said that mobile apps offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to personal finance.

Before you go through some of the popular personal finance apps, you should ask yourself what you need to improve your finances. Do you manage your money adequately?

Some of the popular personal finance apps are Mint, Acorn, Goodbudget, and Wally.


This is a rather versatile app offering numerous ways to manage your day-to-day finances. Namely, you can have insight into your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans. Don’t forget to check your credit score with this app. In addition, Mint has budgeting options with which you can keep track of your spending by specifying certain budgets for different spending categories. Moreover, you can add your bills (electricity, gas, etc.). This app can also provide information about the available money you have. If you are dealing with certain investments, this app also offers the option for investment tracking.

Read more about Mint here.


Have you ever wondered how much money you can save if you put aside your spare change? Do you know the power of rounding up your finances? Would you like to invest in this spare change?

Acorns have two main characteristics. The first one is the characteristic of rounding up your purchases. For instance, if you make a purchase of $3.30, this app will round this purchase to $4, putting aside $0.70.

The second characteristic is that Acorns invests this pocket change in low-cost ETFs. Meaning that the amount of $0.70 will be invested by Acorns for you. Don’t forget to choose your investment portfolio, or you could let Acorns choose a portfolio in accordance with your finances.

Before you use this app, don’t forget to link your banking accounts as well as credit cards with the Acorns app.

Read more about the Acorns app.


Goodbudget is a mobile app developed around the time-tested envelope budgeting method. This app offers the possibility for the user to make envelopes for different expenses as well as saving categories. You can create a budget for categories such as gas, shopping, night outs, etc. Then you can decide the amount you will allocate to each category.

Although this app may not be as sophisticated as some of the other apps, it can be beneficial if you want to discipline yourself, i.e., keep track of your spending habits.

Find out more about the Goodbudget app.


Wally is also an app that helps you better manage your savings and expenses. You have the opportunity to connect your income with your spending. Thus you can have an in-depth overview of the outflow of your money. Consequently, you can define certain financial goals and try to achieve them. This app can be highly useful for people who lack financial discipline.

You can get more info about Wally here.

Personal finance apps could make our lives easier by enabling us to better manage our finances. One of the common problems when talking about personal finances is a lack of financial discipline and/or insufficient knowledge about finance-related issues. On the one hand, it can be difficult to keep track of all expenses, but on the other hand lack of precise overview of expenses could result in bad financial decisions.

Consequently, personal finance apps could ease the process of recording our expenses and improve our budgeting decision. Moreover, some personal finance apps offer the possibility for small investors to wisely invest their money.

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