Worthington Federal Savings Bank


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About Worthington Federal Savings Bank

On July 17th, 1934 the Worthington Civic & Commerce Association expressed interest in helping organize a Federal Savings & Loan Association in Worthington. On January 16th, 1935, a representative from the Federal Home Loan Bank System was in Worthington to present organizational plans and on March 1, 1935, a meeting was held and the first Board of Directors was elected.

Worthington Federal was established to help the community prosper and make it possible for people to borrow funds to build homes. On March 30th, 1935, the first loan went on the books and was in the amount of $800.00. This was the beginning of our service to Worthington and…….Continue reading about Worthington Federal Savings Bank here.

Website: www.worthingtonfederalsavings.com/

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