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About Versa Bank

In the early 1990s, when the branchless bank was still a dream for North American financial service providers, we built one. Canada’s first digital only bank was banking reimagined by engineers, unimpeded by legacy infrastructure, or legacy thinking.

But for us, the true potential of virtual banking wasn’t just more efficiency, it was more choice. By combining our own robust banking technology with the discipline and confidence of a Schedule 1 Canadian chartered bank license, we were able help create innovative banking alternatives that our clients could trust. By partnering with us, alternative financial service providers could finally compete on a level playing field.

Today, our opportunity to power choice in financial services has never been greater, or more immediate. New technologies have made it possible for Fintechs to offer them, and they’re serving the most empowered generation of consumers in history. By providing a more efficient and innovative funding mechanism, Versa Bank is enabling our Fintech and non-bank partners to more effectively originate consumer and business loans. The result for Canadians is easier access to low cost financing and greater choice. Fintechs are transforming the word “bank” from being a place people must go, to being something they do on their own terms, and we are the engine behind Canada’s Fintech Industry. We were born for this revolution. And we thought it was time for a name that said so… Continue reading about Versa Bank here.


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