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About Scotiabank Plc

Over the past 185 years, Scotiabank has built a legacy of commitment to our clients around the world. Across the Global Banking and Markets division, we continue to evolve our business to provide comprehensive, timely, and relevant service.

Our history dates back to 1832 – the year when The Bank of Nova Scotia was founded. This also marks the year that the first Bank note was issued. For the duration of the 19th century, and throughout the next, Bank branches expanded across Canada, into the U.S., and overseas.

1980 – In addition to its growing retail services, The Bank of Nova Scotia began providing corporate banking services from its New York offices in the early 1980s. In response to client demand, the offering was expanded to other U.S. cities and into Canada by 1983… Continue reading about Scotiabank Plc here.


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