ODDO BHF (Schweiz) AG


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About ODDO BHF (Schweiz) AG

When Camille Gautier became a stockbroker in Marseille back in 1849, he started an entrepreneurial adventure that would continuously reaffirm itself over the generations. Negotiating on behalf of investors, he laid the foundations for what our Group would become: an independent player in finance, characterized by its drive and undivided attention to its clients, day after day.

We are fortunate to have more than 60,000 clients, institutional investors, companies, distribution partners and large private clients whose financial assets we advise, manage, and invest for a total amount of 125 billion euros. Our mission is to grow these assets through our three businesses: private banking, asset management, corporate and investment banking… Continue reading about ODDO BHF (Schweiz) AG here.

Website: http://www.oddo-bhf.ch/

Go directly to ODDO BHF (Schweiz) AG online banking.

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