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About Fidelity Bank

The goliath banks of 1888 weren’t interested in providing a high quality banking experience to the hard working middle class of our community. They were only interested in what was in people’s wallets, not what was in their hearts. That’s where we came in. Fidelity Cooperative Bank first opened its doors in 1888. It was founded with passion by the caring and humble folks of Fitchburg with a mission to give working class families a better way to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Today, Fidelity Bank continues to serve our clients and communities with that same passion, care, and dedication that we had as a startup in 1888. Whether someone wants to buy a home, start a small business, or send a child to college, Fidelity Bank was and still is there for them. To fulfill our mission in these competitive times, we have to bring a “startup’s” energy to work: a fun and positive attitude, agility and innovation, commitment to learning and excellence, and an unwavering dedication to making caring and ethical decisions every time. These are absolutely necessary if we are to achieve our vision of becoming well known as the most caring, trusted, and respected bank on the block… Continue reading about Fidelity Bank here


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