Banque Thaler SA


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About Banque Thaler SA

Banque Thaler is a boutique private bank exclusively dedicated to wealth management for private clients. We do not engage in investment banking, nor do we extend commercial loans or mortgages. We focus on selected areas of business but strive to do them well.

Banque Thaler is ‘Switzerland only’-based, with offices in Geneva and Zurich. The Swiss virtues of stability, quality, precision and craftsmanship are deeply ingrained in how we operate and serve our clients.

Banque Thaler is independent and owned by a partnership of management and board members. The owners thus manage the business and are directly involved in looking after our clients – with a long-term perspective. We are free from external pressures and our interests are aligned with those of our clients… Continue reading about Banque Thaler SA here.


Go directly to Banque Thaler SA online banking.

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