Banque d’Escompte


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About Banque d’Escompte

Bankers from father to son, the Wormser family has been self-employed since the founding in 1936 of the Banque d’Escompte and that in 1958 of the Banque Wormser Frères. Continued through these two banks, the family’s banking activities were reunited in 1999 within the Banque d’Escompte & Wormser Frères Réunis. In 2011, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the name Banque Wormser Frères was chosen to replace that of Banque d’Escompte & Wormser Frères Réunis.

Active for 63 years in the money market as a Rediscount House with the Banque de France (OPM) and Specialist in Treasury Value (SVT), the Banque d’Escompte gave up these specialized activities when it absorbed its company. sister Bank Wormser Frères and devoted itself mainly to deposit banking and portfolio management… Continue reading about Banque d’Escompte here.


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