Bankhaus Anton Hafner KG


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About Bankhaus Anton Hafner KG

Our bank looks back on over a hundred years of history. 100 years in the course of which business principles and traditional values ​​have emerged that shape the image of our bank to this day.

The “Anton Hafner banking business” was founded in 1914 shortly after the outbreak of the First World War. Anton Hafner, who was born in Dinkelscherben in 1881 as the son of a farmer, went to Augsburg at the age of 13 to learn the commercial fundamentals of banking. He completed an apprenticeship at one of the 30 private banks that existed in the city before the First World War, before finally opening his own banking business at the age of 33 and with a start-up capital of 30,000 marks… Continue reading about Bankhaus Anton Hafner KG here.


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